Member Societies

The current list of member societies is reproduced below (Updated December 2016).


Austria: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (ÖGS); Austrian Society for Sexology

Belgium: Instituut voor Familiale en Seksuologische Wetenschappen, Institute of Family and Sexuality Studies

Belgium: Society of Sexologists with University degree in Belgium (SSUB)

Belgium: Vlaamse Vereniging voor Seksuologie; Flemish Society of Sexology

Bulgaria: Sexuality and Health Foundation

Croatia: Croatian Association for Sexual Therapy

Czech Republic: Sexuologicky ustav, Sexological Institute

Denmark: Dansk Forening for Klinisk Sexologi, Danish Association for Clinical Sexology

Denmark: Dansk Sexologforening

Estonia: Eesti Akadeemilini Seksuoloogia Selts, Estonian Academic Society of Sexology

Finland: The Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS)

France: Association des Sexologues Clinicien Francophones (ASCliF)

France: Centre International de Formation et de Recherch en Sexualité (CIFRES)

France: Interdisciplinary post University Association of Sexology (AIUS, previous AIHUS)

France: Societe Francaise de Sexologien Clinique

Georgia: The Society of Georgian Sexologist: Education, Research, Treatment (SGS)

Germany: Deutche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung (DGSS)

Germany: Deutsch Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (DGfS)

Greece: Greek Society of Sexology and Inter-Gender Relationships

Israel: Israel Society for Sex Therapy (ISST)

Italy: Associazione Clinaca e Terapia in Sessuologia (ACTS)

Italy: Associazione Italiana Sessuologia Psicologia Applicata (AISPA)

Italy: Fondazione Carlo Molo

Italy: Federazione Italiana Di Sessuologia Scientifica (FISS)

Italy: Gruppo Ricerca in Sessuologia, School of Clinical Sexology

Italy: Institute for Research in Clinical Sexology (IRSC)

Italy: Istituto Di Sessuologia Clinica, Institute of Clinical Sexology – ISC

Italy: Sexology Italian Center (CIS)

Italy: Societa Piemontese di Sessuologia Clinica (SSSC)

Netherlands: Nederlandse Wetenschappelijke Vereniging voor Seksuologie (NVVS); Dutch Scientific Society for Sexology

Netherlands: Rutgers (the Dutch Expert Centre on Sexuality)

Norway: Norwegian Society for Clinical Sexology

Poland: Polish Sexological Society

Portugal: Sociedade Portuguesa de Sexologia Clinica

Romania: Institute of Sexology

Russia: Russian Scientific Sexological Society (RSSS)

Slovenia: Slovenian Sexological Association

Spain: Asociacion Española Sexologia Clinica (AESC)

Spain: Federacion Española de Sociedades de Sexologia (FESS)

Spain: Societat Catalania de Sexologia

Sweden: Swedish Association for Sexology

Sweden: Swedish Institute for Sexual Research

Switzerland: Switzerland: ASPSC-SPVKS : Association Suisse des Psychologues Sexologues Cliniciens – Schweizer Psychologenverband Klinischer Sexologen

Switzerland: Fonds Universitaire Maurice Chalumeau

Switzerland: Institut Sexocorporel International

Switzerland: Zürcher Institut für klinische Sexologie & Sexualtherapie (ZISS)

Turkey: CETAD

Turkey: Sexual Health Institute (SHI)

Turkey: Turkey Microbiological Society

Turkey:Turkish Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies (TACBP)

UK: British Society of Biopsychosocial Obstetrics and Gynaecology (BSBOG)

UK: College of Sexual & Relationship Therapists (previous BASRT)

UK: Sheffield Society for The Study of Sexuality & Relationships (SSSSR)



 TunisiaTunisian Society of Clinical Sexology



Belgium:  Kleopatra-Maria (Marie-Claire) Sakellari -

Belgium: Gerard Gielen -

Bosnia Herzegovina:  Dzanan Berberovic -

Columbia:  Carlos Pol Bravo

Denmark:  Manuela Norgaard -

Greece: Evie Kirana -

India:  Kunjappan Promodu

Ireland:  Marta Biczkowska -

Israel:  Ariel Abecassis -

Italy:  Vincenzo Russo -

Italy:  Gaia Polloni -

Italy: Annamaria Giancaspero -

Italy: Marco Lodi -

Italy: Rolando Noseda

Kosovo:  Hajrulla Fejda -

Russia: Olga Markina - 

Russia: Valeriya Aginskaya -

Russia:  Yuriy Zharkov -

Serbia: Josif Fidanovski -

Tunisia: Muhammad Hashimi Hisham -

Turkey:  Rayka Kumru -

Ukraine:  Borys Vornyk -

USA:  Dennis Lin -

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