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On behalf of the European Federation of Sexology( EFS), it is a great pleasure and  honor for me to invite and welcome you to the 17th EFS Congress that will be held in Bologna-Italy on 23-26  May 2024.

The EFS& CIS( Italian Center of Sexology)  will no doubt  deliver a high-quality congress which hopefully will turn out to be a memorable experience both scientifically and socially. As we believe that the scientific success of a congress depends on the contributions of the delegates, we hope that many of you will be able to get actively involved in this congress.

The programme will cover a wide range of new clinical and research topics including challenges faced regarding sexual health-sexual well-being and sexual problems. Sexual health and sexual rights are no longer luxuries but essentials and necessities to live a life with dignity.  The congress theme reflects the importance of human sexology as a whole both in good and difficult times and both in body and mind.

The interdisciplinary and international nature of the congress will no doubt enhance professional and social networking and exchange of information and knowledge from diverse communities and cultures. Our host will be the Italian Center of Sexology (CIS). We have no doubt that you will enjoy the Italian hospitality in the beautiful and historic city of Bologna which offers history, culture and beauty.

On behalf of EFS, I am looking forward to seeing you in Bologna to meet your old friends and to make new ones and expecting your generous contributions to the scientific content of the congress to reaffirm the continuous development of our community and enjoy a top-quality scientific program.

Cordial regards,

Prof. Mehmet Sungur – Turkiye
President of the Congress




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