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European federation of sexology

The heart of sexology in Europe


EFS promotes excellent and ethical practice in education, knowledge, and skills to celebrate sexual health, intimacy, and diversity with compassion, free from prejudice and violence.


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Dear members and friends, 

it is a great honour, pleasure, and responsibility to be elected as the incoming President of EFS. First of all, I would like to thank the distinguished members of the board for giving me opportunity to be the president of such an elegant and important society and extend my gratitude to the General Assembly for  the approval of this position. I would also like to express my gratitude to the prior presidents, Chiara Simonelli and Kevan Wylie, with whom I have worked together with pleasure over the years.

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Executive committee

It is in charge of and responsible for the management of the Federation, and of any form of EFS activity in accordance with resolutions of the General Assembly.

Scientific Committee

To take part in realizing the scientific program for the EFS Congress, structuring monothematic courses to be offered to the Member Societies and drafting documents for insiders such as guidelines and e-books..

Educational committee

To develop and propose the European Standards for training in sexology at different levels (Sex Educator, Counsellor and Therapist), to accredit European courses, seminaries and trainings and to collaborate with the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) for the EFS & ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS) exams.

Youth committee

To take part in realizing research projects for young people, helping to organize EFS Congress, managing social networks and media contact for the broadcasting of scientific news.

Officers roles

The executive committee includes 4 officers: President, President Elect, Secretary General and Treasurer.

About Us

EFS recognizes sexuality as central to human life, health, well-being, and human rights. EFS is the voice and the core network for professionals working in sexology in Europe.

Our Activities


Sexologies is the organ of the EFS, which allows members to publish their papers, have a subscription at reduced rate and receive advanced information on EFS meetings


EFS is part of a broader network in sexual health and sexual medicine


The EFS and ESSM Psycho-sexology Accreditation Committee. The ESSM and EFS collaborate to guarantee and promote the highest standards of healthcare in the field of Sexology and Sexual Medicine.

ESSM School

Participants of the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine will have the opportunity to learn the essentials of sexuality that are necessary for effective clinical practice.

EFS & ESSM Syllabus

A textbook which covers all the different aspects of Clinical Sexology and the contents of the exam for the qualification in Sexology, the ECPS.

EFS & ESSM Petitions

Join our voice to have sexual health education to medical and psychology students in Europe!

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Sexuality is central to human life, health, wellbeing, and human rights


PCO BID 2026

BID for PCO willing to organize the 2026 EFS congress: Open now!     To all companies and agencies that might be interested, The EFS has open a new BID for PCO willing to collaborate for the organization of the 2026 congress. To apply to this BID, it is...



Join IOSS!  EFS partnered with International Online Sexology Supervisors (IOSS), a digital platform providing continuous education for sexologists worldwide. With contributions from more than 60 top scientists in our field, IOSS has built a premier video library on...

The 17th EFS Congress in Bologna, Italy

The 17th EFS Congress in Bologna, Italy

WELCOME TO OUR 17th CONGRESS IN BOLOGNA, ITALY On behalf of the European Federation of Sexology( EFS), it is a great pleasure and  honor for me to invite and welcome you to the 17th EFS Congress that will be held in Bologna-Italy on 23-26  May 2024. The EFS& CIS(...