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EFS strongly believes in the need to join forces to achieve higher goals, not only because we are composed of a network of associations and individual members, but also because we collaborate at European and international level with other associations and scientific societies that share our same aim: Improving the quality of life and making sexual health accessible for everybody.


ESSM – European society for Sexual Medicine

Born in 1995, ESSM has grown throughout the years to become the leading Scientific Society in the field of Sexual Medicine, deeply rooted across Europe and the world, fully dedicated to new strategies concerning science and education.ESSM can now list 34 affiliated Societies and more than 1,700 members



WAS – World Association for Sexual Health

Since 1978, World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) has been the pre-eminent global organization concerned with sexual health and rights. Our membership represents thousands of experienced as well as trainee sexologists from a variety of disciplines. With biennial congresses held in different regions of the world, WAS has facilitated sexual health through education, health promotion and networking for over three decades. In the recent years, WAS constituency has also become involved in advocating changes in public policy to recognize sexual health and rights as key ingredients in overall health and social justice. Financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments has sustained this work around the world.



ISSM – International Society for Sexual Medicine

The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM, formerly known as ISIR/ISSIR) was established in 1978 for the purpose of promoting research and exchange of knowledge for the clinical entity “impotence” throughout the international scientific community. The principal orientation of ISSM was initially towards basic science of erection, defects in the erectile mechanism, and the clinical aspects of diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. The orientation is now towards the whole field of human sexuality.