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The ESSM and EFS collaborate to guarantee and promote the highest standards of healthcare in the field of Sexology and Sexual Medicine. For these propose educational program and qualification exam were set-up. For the first in history, in 2014 the ESSM congress was joint by the EFS congress and qualification examination for mark of excellence is set-up in collaboration between the ESSM and the EFS.

The first qualification examination of the EFS and ESSM took place on 28th January 2014.

The EFS and ESSM Psycho-sexology Accreditation Committee (EPSA Committee)


  1. To accredit educational programs in psycho-sexology
  2. To certify competent psycho-sexologists with mark of excellence and determine the eligibility criteria of exam candidates
  3. To promote psycho-sexologists in Europe

This committee came into force in 2013 (then under the name ECPS exam committee) and implemented the first procedure in order to certify with mark of excellence specialists from around the world and award the title ‘EFS-ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologists’


  • (Co-Chair) Mehmet Sungur, psychiatrist – Turkey
  • (Co-Chair) Evie Kirana, psychologist – Greece
  • Janico Georgiadis, neuroscientist – Netherlands
  • Tilmann Krueger, psychiatrist – Germany
  • Lior Lowenstein, gynecologist – Israel
  • Cobi Reisman, urologist – Netherlands
  • Francesca Tripodi, psychologist – Italy
  • Guy T’sjoen, endocrinologist – Belgium

Eligibility criteria

The candidate eligible to take the exam must demonstrate expertise in psycho-sexology and obtain proof of

  • Psychology degree or
  • Psychiatry degree or
  • MD degree with additional psychotherapy training


  • Post graduate training in sexology (providing certificate) including relevant supervised experience of at least 2 years (providing 2 letters of recommendation according to preformat)

The EPSA committee has the responsibility to assess eligibility of applicants to take the exam, and the final decision for each applicant has to be approved by the majority of the committee members. All applicants will receive an answer concerning their eligibility to take the exam, approximately 30 days after the application deadline.



  • Candidates for the title ‘EFS-ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist’ should demonstrate competences reflecting the breadth of the curriculum, which is defined as follows:
  • Introduction to human sexuality
  • Issues of intimate relationships
  • Bio-psycho-social aspects of sexual development and the sexual response
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic methods in psychosexual therapy
  • Male sexual dysfunctions
  • Female sexual dysfunctions
  • Medical conditions and their relation to sexual function
  • Other sexual disorders
  • Issues related to contraception and childbirth

Examination format
Competency on the curriculum shall be assessed through a written exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions.
For the application process visit

Preperation material and Preparation course
The ESSM and EFS Syllabus on Clinical Sexology (ed) Kirana P, Tripodi F, Reisman Y, Porst H :2013, Medix, Amsterdam is the preparation material endorsed by the EPSA. Candidates are advised to select additional preparation material, according to their own preferences and needs. It is the candidates’ responsibility to choose the study materials that will best prepare them for the exam.
Also, an intensive 3 day preparation course will be held just before the exam. Candidates that would like more information on the preparation course may visit the ESSM website at

Frequently asked questions

Is the title ‘EFS-ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist’ accredited by national legislative authorities?

Although this is a title that ensures that applicants are accredited by the two largest European scientific societies of sexual health, national authorities are not obliged to recognize the title.

What is the duration of the exam?

The duration is 3 hours for 100 MCQ questions.

Is the exam only in English?

Yes, the exam is in English language. For participants’ convenience, book form dictionaries can be used during the exam.

When will the results of the exam be published?

The results will be available within 1 month after the exam.

When will I know if my application form has been approved and I can take the exam?

All applicants will receive an answer concerning their application approximately 30 days after the application deadline

What should I take care of in my application form

The application form is very important, because it should demonstrate your special interest and expertise in the field of psycho-sexology. Please take care in order to describe the breadth of your experience and training as fully as possible.

What study preparation material is mandatory?

No preparation material or course is mandatory. The EPSA committee may suggest the precourse as well as the EFS and ESSM syllabus, but neither is obligatory. These are endorsed by ESSM and EFS as suggested material.

Who can I contact for more information?

For information concerning the exam process you may contact Evie Kirana For questions or problems concerning technical difficulties during uploading your files or registration contact CPO Hanser at