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BID for PCO willing to organize the 2026 EFS congress: Open now!



To all companies and agencies that might be interested,

The EFS has open a new BID for PCO willing to collaborate for the organization of the 2026 congress.

To apply to this BID, it is necessary for the PCO to submit complete documentation regarding the following information (namely, Information Required of the PCO) and responses to the shortlist for the proposal. We request any PCO interested to this call to complete this template and return it to our official email and to our General Secretary ( by the 1st April 2024 (extended to the 15th April 2024), to allow the officers to finalise their shortlisting procedure.


Information Required of the PCO

  1. PCO Profile: Details about offices, representatives, and departments.
  2. PCO Services: A comprehensive list of services offered.
  3. PCO Memberships: Evidence of compliance with international criteria and relevant certifications (e.g., ICCA, IAPCO).
  4. PCO Staff Structure: Information on permanent staff assigned to the congress room, including their educational background, language proficiency, and experience level.
  5. Experience in the International Meetings Industry: List of international meetings organized in the last decade, demonstrating expertise in scientific organization.
  6. International References: Institutions that can vouch for the PCO’s capabilities.
  7. IT Profile: Details on IT and software structures, hardware, and modules, including software facilities for registration/accommodation.
  8. Financial Background & Business Volume: Financial credibility and stability, demonstrated through balance sheets and profit and loss accounts from the past three years


The full documentation for the call is available for download here.



For any addittional info, please contact:




The Executive Committee of the EFS 












1234 Divi St. #1000
San Francisco, CA 94220


(255) 352-6258

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