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The long awaited 8th version of WPATH’s “Standards of Care” is here.

This standard represents the closest the world can get to a consensus on health care offers to individuals who experience gender incongruence, be it binary, near binary, non-binary, agender, intersex or any other self-defined version of trans/gender diversity (TGD).

The SOC 8 arrives in times of great trouble for TGD people many places in the world, also in countries and societies from whom we expected better. Different kinds of sanctions and restrictions are issued that in serious ways disrupt numerous individual’s happiness and quality of life.

The SOC 8 as the former SOCs, stands on solid scientific grounds with as many as 165 pages of references. It is a big leap forward in that it takes in more of the perspectives of the TGD population itself. It offers a separate chapter on so called non-binary people and one on intersex. This is highly appreciated.

Those who might oppose gender affirming treatment have no scientific standing like that of SOC 8. Therefore this current 8th version of the SOC can be used as the most updated scientific standard by practitioners and by the TGD population and their allies themselves.

The European Federation of Sexology is happy to endorse the SOC 8!


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